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Are your financial analysts at risk of being left behind?

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Are your financial analysts at risk of being left behind?

Sometimes it seems best to let the financial analysts get on with it. Their processes are complicated to the point of being convoluted. What’s more, analysis can be so slow, it’s easy to imagine that the rate of change occurs at a similar tempo.

But the wider modelling world is changing rapidly. It’s no longer enough to live behind a spreadsheet and keep turning the wheel. Analysts need to get to the front of this still-evolving industry shift or risk being left behind.

Routines are no longer enough

“If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it,” is an outdated philosophy. The level of unpredictability analysts now face is too great. And the disruption that technology is bringing to modelling processes is too explosive.

Today modelling technologies go far beyond Excel. Coding languages and simulation software enable modellers who know how to run 100s and 1000s of simulations at once. Excel is still essential to master. But even there, new tools are automating processes that used to consume much of an analyst’s time.

Yet many financial modellers are still entrenched in manual copy paste procedures. They barely have the time or energy to consider that there might be another option. But it’s already here.

The trick is not only to keep on top of new technologies. It’s to know when they’re useful and when they’re not. There are too many skills to master here, too much to hold in balance. If your team of analysts is to help your business navigate the future, they’ll need more than a day or two of training sessions.

Analysts won’t go far alone

No single modeller can be fully prepared for what’s ahead. Even those at the top of their game. What’s needed is a network of expertise, a way to plug into a hub that moves in step with the front runners in the industry.

That’s what Full Stack does. It connects analysts to an international peer-to-peer learning community. There’s training from all kinds of industry experts, from a core team with decades of modelling experience to prominent guest speakers who teach new key evolving skills.

But it’s not industry frontrunners alone. Full Stack brings your team into a community of people who are facing or have faced similar challenges. Nothing stays as theory for long. This is applied commercial knowledge that your team can put into action on the ground.

Better decisions start with this one

Technology, innovation, Excel mastery - it’s all there to help your business make better informed decisions. Full Stack is geared to teach communication and self-awareness skills alongside the technical so that your wider organisation feels the benefit of the investment sooner.

You could easily pay thousands of dollars for a couple of days of intense training. But Full Stack enables your analysts to join a community of like-minded professionals for the same price for a full year.

Enrollment for the next intake is open. The doors will close at midnight on 19th February. Enroll today so you don’t miss it.

To find out more about Full Stack’s unique offering, you can book one-to-one time with Giles Male or download our brochure.

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