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Free modelling skills assessment

Financial modelling is changing. Excel skills, while essential, are no longer enough. The team at Full Stack Modeller has created a free online Financial Modelling Skills Assessment. It takes around 10 minutes to complete. You will receive a personalised report showing you where you may currently have skills gaps.

Excel updates continue with custom data types

Innovation in Excel is continuing apace. Microsoft is bringing more than 100 new data types into Excel for Microsoft 365. These include hierarchical data or references to other data types and images. Users will be able to convert existing cells into linked data types, making data analysis a lot easier. Read more in TechRepublic, TechRader and The Verge. As usual Oz de Soleil is all over it.

Preparing the Finance Function for technological change

A recent joint study by Deloitte and the Institute of Management Accountants found that many companies are having difficulty implementing even basic technology projects in finance. When thinking about where and how to deploy new technology, this article recommends organisations go through a series of steps. First, think about where the need is greatest or will have the largest impact with the least effort. Next, determine the technology to be applied. Finally, have an effective change management process in place. Read more.

Spreadsheet "funkiness" and the U.S. Election

During the vote count in Michigan, an overnight update appeared to show that Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, now President Elect Biden, received a sudden influx of 138,339 votes, while other candidates received none. This led to widespread allegations on social media of fraud, theft, and illegality. Trump retweeted writing, "What is this all about?"

In fact, it was our old friend the spreadsheet error.

"This kind of funkiness is typical," said Alex Halderman, a professor of computer science and engineering and elections security expert at the University of Michigan. "Preliminary results are sometimes updated manually by copying and pasting from a spreadsheet.". Read more here and here.

12 notable election visualisations

Keeping with the theme of the U.S. Election, Data Visualisation Weekly has compared electoral maps from across different news sources. Seeing different representations side by side gives a useful visual comparison of different presentation ideas.

And finally . . .

Did we mention that today is the last day to register your interest to join the Full Stack Modeller Programme? The next enrollment won't be until Feb/Mar 2021.

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