The Modeller's Miscellany - #42

Training, Gaming, and Rock Stars.

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Overhauling the spreadsheet

Pigment raises 24.1m euros as it attempts to overhaul the “error-prone” spreadsheet.

Founded by a former data analyst at Google, Pigment’s platform allows users to take control of their business data. It presents an intuitive, full-spectrum view of the company; offering multiple future scenarios in real-time through charts, simulations and continuous modelling.

Inventory Calculations

Liam Bastick (Microsoft MVP) takes a close look at inventory calculations – an area of modelling that often causes so much confusion.

Click here to go directly to this great article from the Financial Management magazine.

Gaming in Excel

Many of us believe we have created some pretty complex Excel models in our time. But how many of us can claim to have recreated an entire game in our favourite application?

A Japanese programmer recently reproduced the classic RPG Dragon Quest 3 in Excel, without the use of any VBA. That is some Jedi-level Excel skill right there.

Rock stars who write code

Rivers Cuomo of Weezer, a self-confessed spreadsheet-head, took Harvard’s online computer science course. This led to him writing software that actually helped manage various aspects of songwriting, and the running of Weezer.

There are mythical Rockstar coders, and then there are rock stars who actually write code.

And finally . . . more errors

Where would we be without the news of another spreadsheet error causing havoc in the world? This time it's the legal profession suffering the consequences of a "data entry error”.

False exam scores led to a number of Bar applicants receiving the wrong grade. Read more about it here.

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