The Modeller's Miscellany - #49

Where next for the spreadsheet?

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Article // Where next for the spreadsheet?

Over the past few years, the number of tools springing up around Excel has exploded. Helping modellers to get to grips with these new tools is a core part of the Full Stack training methodology. This article from Dawn Capital gives a useful overview of how the ecosystem around Excel is evolving. Particularly useful is the distinction between tools that are seeking to augment spreadsheets, vs those that are trying to replace them. Read more.

Training // Full Stack enrollment opens tomorrow

Enrollment for Full Stack Modeller opens tomorrow. You can download the course brochure here. We've made it more affordable to join by offering a monthly payment option. See what some of our current members say about the experience here. Enrollment closes at midnight on Friday. There's still time to register your interest to join.

Video // Why phone calls beat zoom

Over the last year, we have all spent much more time on video calls than ever before using platforms like Zoom and Teams. This video discusses research from Yale which indicates that communication is often more effective when it's voice only. You can read the research paper here

Events // Generation CFO summit - 24th / 25th Feb

In partnership with Generation CFO, Gen CFO Live is bringing together thousands of CFO’s, Finance Directors, and finance stakeholders to learn, strategise and spearhead digital change and transform their business. Full Stack co-founder Lance Rubin will be one of the speakers during this two-day virtual event. Around 50 organisations are represented, featuring brands such as Marks & Spencer, Dell, Ann Summers, John Lewis, Amazon, and Starbucks. Full Stack Modeller has been shortlisted for the "Future Maker of the year" award.

Register here to attend the live sessions for free.

New // Miscellany jobs

Our jobs section is a new addition to the Modeller's Miscellany. Each week we will include hand picked modelling related jobs from across the globe. If you have a financial modelling related position you’d like us to include please email

And finally // Spreadsheet wars video from the archives

Thanks to Miscellany reader Lianna Gerrish for sharing this gem of vintage geekery from the archives. Spreadsheet wars is an episode of "Computer Chronicles" from 1988. There are some great vintage computing moments in it - like the confident prediction that Excel would never overtake Lotus 1-2-3.

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