The Modeller's Miscellany - #50

How to value a start-up.

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Article // How to value a start-up

Those of us who spend a lot of time modelling think a lot about valuation. In some sectors, like project finance, cashflows are relatively predictable and so discounting equity cashflows is the obvious valuation method. Particularly challenging is valuing start-ups where the level of uncertainty around future cash flows is the greatest. This article by Stephene Nasser gives a useful primer on 9 methods for valuing start-ups.

Webinar // The Influential Finance Manager

Andy Burrows of Supercharged Finance is holding a free webinar on March 1st at 1pm GMT.

The topic is The Influential Finance Manager - 4 ingredients that boost your influence and impact as a Finance professional.

It’s all about the skills, behaviours and habits you need to build influence in the business. It’s all very well knowing the numbers and producing fantastic models. But can you engage with the business and use the numbers to influence business decisions? Without the influencing skills, our work just doesn’t have the impact that it should have.

Andy is one of the growing group of visiting instructors on the Full Stack Modeller programme. He is leading a session for members in April on effectiveness and influence for finance professionals.

Article // Do low interest rates justify higher valuations?

Sticking with the topic of valuation, this article from the CFA Institute provides some useful historical analysis of the relationship between interest rates and PE ratios. The article examines whether lower Interest rates feeding into DCF models lead to higher valuations.

A useful article - but one phrase sticks out that warrants special mention. The author states "As an analyst, you don’t get paid to ask critical questions". We couldn't disagree more strongly on that one.

Analysis // The science of post traction on LinkedIn

Maven Analytics, one of the partners of Full Stack Modeller, recently applied some exploratory analysis to the factors that drive post traction on LinkedIn. Bottom line: tag interested people, and use relevant hashtags. Read their analysis here.

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And finally // Analysing hook-up data

In Miscellany #45, we reported on the growing trend of people turning to spreadsheets to organise their love lives. We had this contribution from a Miscellany reader about a TikToker using spreadsheets to analyse her hook-up history. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the contributor wished to remain anonymous.

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