The Modeller's Miscellany - #52

Microsoft launches Power Fx

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Article // Microsoft launches Power Fx

This week Microsoft announced Power Fx, a new low-code language that will become the standard for writing logic customisation across its Power Platform. By open-sourcing the language, Microsoft also hopes that it will become a standard for low code application development. Read more.

Excel updates // Resizable conditional formatting dialogues

Will the innovation never cease? There's also a new button so you can duplicate a selected conditional formatting rule. More here

Guidance // Persuading the unpersuadable

A major part of our job as financial professionals is persuading others.

Many of us, therefore, face the task of trying to convince people to rethink their positions when they disagree with or discount us. This article by Adam Grant, organisational psychologist, and author of the highly recommended "Think Again", writes “it is possible to get even the most overconfident, stubborn, narcissistic, and disagreeable people to open their minds.” He offers some approaches that can help you encourage a know-it-all to recognise when there’s something to be learned, a stubborn colleague to make a U-turn, a narcissist to show humility, and a disagreeable boss to agree with you. Both this article and Adam's book are highly recommended.

As ever with book recommendations, there's a free copy up for grabs in return for useful additions to the Miscellany.

Article // Marijuana grower uses Excel to optimise production

You're probably already a regular reader of Marijuana Business Daily. In which case you've probably already seen this story. But just in case - this weed farm in LA has made Marijuana news talking about how it optimises its production planning in Excel. “Our best friend is that computer program.” said the owner. Read more.

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And finally // Are you the asshole?

Have you recently had an argument and are wondering if you were in the right? Can't quite decide if your morally-dubious actions were justified or not? Or you want to judge the mistakes of random internet strangers? Check out Reddit’s r/AmItheAsshole which allows you to post your scenario and the Reddit hive mind will tell you if you're in the right, or if you're the asshole.

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