The Modeller's Miscellany - #55

Life changing Excel update.

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Excel // Unhide multiple tabs at once

OK. So maybe "life-changing" is overstating it slightly. But still - this is long overdue. And sometimes in life, it's the little things that make all the difference.

Use your CTRL or SHIFT keys as you might expect to in Excel to highlight multiple hidden tabs at once.

Tech // GRID launches out of beta

Iceland-based GRID aims to ease the common challenges of sharing and presenting data from spreadsheets. Following its $12m Series A raise a few months ago, it has now launched out of beta. Its new paid offering includes a "Professional" tier which offers a more powerful publishing feature set to subscribers. Read more.

P.S. Grid CEO Hjalmar Gislason writes regularly on Medium about modelling, software, and innovation. See this article for example - "if you understand the model, you understand the deal".

Resources // Maslow's pyramid for Excel

Psychologist Abraham Maslow developed his well-known pyramid to better understand human needs and motivation; the idea being that people strive to reach higher levels of the pyramid.

Business Modelling expert Gary Knott wrote this article, applying it to Excel. It's a useful framework and mentions lots of useful Excel/modelling resources. Read more.

Video // What happens when maths goes wrong

Matt Parker does a great job of making maths and spreadsheets entertaining. This video of a talk he gave at the Royal Institution is worth a watch. He highlights that, most of the time, the maths in our everyday lives works quietly behind the scenes. And then someone forgets to carry a '1' and a bridge collapses or a plane drops out of the sky.

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Thanks to Gary Knott for this.

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