The Modeller's Miscellany - #56

Modelling the un-modellable.

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Article // Modelling the un-modellable

Is un-modellable even a word? Regardless, this week's top recommended article comes from Sahil Mahtani. He discusses the important distinction between risk and uncertainty. It looks at what investors can do in an imperfect world where it is impossible to know exactly what is to come. Some outcomes are just unforeseeable. Not being able to fully prepare for the future is actually the norm rather than the exception.

"Investors have long known that “all models are wrong, but some are useful,” to use the statistician George Box’s pithy idiom. But, there are modellers who use this defence to preserve models beyond usefulness." Read more

Video // Why you think you're right, even when you're wrong

We touch often on topics around mental biases. Self awareness and understanding how our biases can trip us up are critical skills for modellers. In this video, Julia Galef exams the role of perspective in the way we interpret information. When your steadfast opinions are tested, Galef asks: "What do you most yearn for? Do you yearn to defend your own beliefs or do you yearn to see the world as clearly as you possibly can?". Watch here.

Book // The Emotionally Intelligent Office

If you're not aware of Alain de Botton's School of Life, this ebook is a good place to start. Modern businesses place huge emphasis on technical training, yet a lot of what determines the success or failure of an organisation has nothing to do with the traditional 'hard' skills taught at business school, but rather the sophisticated 'soft' skills that are key to emotional maturity. These so called "soft skills" are a key part of the Full Stack Modeller training. This excellent ebook introduces twenty core emotional skills that can help businesses and individuals to flourish. Get the ebook here.

Competition // MS Office World Championship

If you're an Excel competition junky you may want to check out Microsoft's own "Office Olympics" and compete to be the Microsoft Champion. The event runs from August 1-4 in Orlando Florida. Check it out here.  

Throwback // Microsoft celebrates turning 46 by resurrecting its old logo

Founded on April 4th, 1975, Microsoft entered the world with a rather funky, seemingly disco-inspired logo. And now, the company has shared an updated version of it, incorporating Windows' famous four-colour scheme. 

Read more about some of the milestones over the last 46 years.

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