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Financial Modelling Awards Finalists

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Events // Financial Modelling Awards Finalists

The Financial Modelling Summit kicks off on Wednesday. It looks certain to be a great event with some outstanding speakers. On Thursday morning the 2021 Financial Modelling Awards presentation will take place at 10am UK time. The winners of the following awards will be announced at the presentation:

  •     Lifetime Achievement;
  •     Financial Modelling Team of the Year;
  •     Emerging Financial Modeller of the Year and
  •     Financial Modeller of the Year

Finalists for the following awards will also be announced, and voting will open at 10am Thursday morning, and will close at midnight on Sunday evening.

  •     Financial Modeling Resource of the Year
  •     Financial Modelling Trainer of the Year
  •     Financial Modelling Innovation of the Year

The Awards will be streamed on YouTube for those not attending the summit. The link will be posted on the Financial Modelling Awards page by Thursday morning.

Modelling // Why storytelling is the most valuable skill your financial modelling team can have

This article is the last in our three-part series with financial modelling experts Rickard Wärnerlid, Andrew Berkley and David Lyford-Smith. In unpacking the future of financial modelling standards, one idea kept coming back around — that storytelling is crucial to a financial modeller’s work. Read more.

Decision-making // Make better decisions using a decision journal

We all make decisions all the time. How many of us take the time to evaulate the quality of our decisions? Very often a decision is seen as good when it leads to a positive outcome. And yet none of us control all the possible variables that impact outcomes. And so a good decision can lead to a bad outcome, and vice versa. A decision journal helps you collect accurate and honest feedback on what you were thinking at the time you made the decision. This feedback helps you see when you were stupid and lucky as well as when you were smart and unlucky. Read more here and download a decision journal toolkit.

Productivity // How to make yourself work when you just don't want to. 

In financial modelling, and in all other areas of life, we all need the ability to do what needs to be done, when it needs to be done, whether we want to or not. Much easier said than done. This artlcle will help.

Modeller's Miscellany Jobs

FEATURED: Financial Modelling Analyst, Renewables, Sydney, Australia

t, FP&A - FS Investments - Philadelphia, USA

- S&P Global Platts - Denver, USA

- Q8 - Remote, Belgium

 - Revolut - London, UK

And Finally. . .

The Angry IKEA guy on TikTok. Because it's just funny.

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