The Modeller's Miscellany - #68

6 Lessons from the pandemic's superstar data modeller.

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Data-modelling // Lessons from the pandemic's superstar data modeller

When data scientist Youyang Gu noticed the wide variation in COVID-19 projections last spring—one model projected 2 million US deaths by the summer, another predicted 60,000—he questioned whether that was as good as the modeling could be. Within a week, he’d built a machine-learning model and launched his COVID-19 Projections website. This article outlines 6 lessons he learned. Thanks to Ben Johnson for sharing.

Awards // Congratulations to the 2021 Financial Modelling Awards public vote winners

Thousands of votes were cast for the 2021 Financial Modelling Awards public vote. 

Huge congratulations to:

: Financial Modelling Resource of the Year

: Financial Modelling Innovation of the Year

  • Shaun Comley, Mazars: Financial Modelling Trainer of the Year. 

The Financial Modelling Awards were established to recognise all the great work that's happening in the Financial Modelling ecosystem. Thanks to all the judges, the winners and the voters. The awards will be back as part of the 2022 Financial Modelling Summit.

Tech // Introducing Visyond  

What is Visyond and what challenges of spreadsheet-based decision-making does it solve? How can spreadsheet users, modellers and decision makers benefit from it? We run regular live sessions with tech founders and innovators for the members of the Full Stack Modeller community. Watch the recording of the session from our Tech Founders series.

Work // Productivity is about your systems, not your people

The pursuit of individual productivity is healthy and worthwhile. However, unless you work independently outside of an organisation, the benefits of most “tricks” will be limited. To make a real impact on performance, you have to work at the system level. This HBR article recommends four ways to improve productivity and efficiency by making changes at the organisational level. 

Data-vis // 3 mistakes to avoid in FP&A visualisation

Just when we think there can't be anybody left in the world that doesn't know this stuff, up pops another horrifying pie chart. Here are 3 useful quick wins in data-vis from FP&A trends.

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And finally. . .

What do Excel users put in their hair?


Blame Jordan Goldmeier for this one.

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