The Modeller's Miscellany - #75

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Article // Paralysis by analysis

This article from The Guardian makes the argument that analysis must eventually lead to action.

This is a great reminder for us modellers. At some point we, or those alongside us, must step back and actually make decisions based on the insights we produce. Otherwise, what's the point?

Book // Purple Cow - Seth Godin

This week I read Purple Cow (via my very handy Blinkist app), by one of my favourite humans - Seth Godin.

Seth believes the age old 4 Ps approach to marketing is no longer enough, and that businesses must do things that are truly remarkable to stand out. Well worth a read. Nothing to do with modelling. Giles.

(I tried to convince Kenny that we should record him running through a field of cows covered in purple paint to help us "stand out" at Full Stack... he didn't buy it, and the request sounded creepier than I ever imagined it would).

Article // The Emotional Journey Of Creating Anything Great

Does this infographic resonate with you? In any journey towards greatness you can almost guarantee there will be euphoric highs, and severe lows.  

That's why it's so rewarding when you finally succeed. Don't forget, if it were easy, everyone would be doing it.

Keep going. One day at a time. We're rooting for you in whatever it is you're working towards. Read more from Celes Chua on her Personal Excellence website.

Video // Leila Gharani hits 1 million YouTube subscribers

Leila recently crossed the 1 million subscribers mark on YouTube, making her a genuine modelling superstar!  We love her videos, and thoroughly enjoyed this one of her answering some of her subscribers' slightly more unusual questions (and fending off a marriage proposal!).

Congratulations Leila. What an incredible achievement.

Video // Data aggregation using native Excel

Here's a fantastic training video from Carl Seidman which guides you through a simple approach to aggregating data using SUMIFS and INDIRECT, supported by Excel Tables.  Well worth a watch if you're not yet familiar with Power Query, or you'd just like an alternative method that sticks with native Excel features.

Modeller's Miscellany Jobs

If you have a financial modelling related position you’d like us to include, please email

Featured Job 

Financial Planning & Analysis -  JPMorgan  - India, Bengaluru

Financial Modelling Analyst -  Broadridge  - United States, New York

Financial Modelling Executive - EY -  Northern Ireland, Dublin

Financial Modelling Manager - Revolut - England, London

Senior Consultant Corporate Finance - BDO Belgium -  Belgium, Zaventem

And finally...

Credit to Joel Stein & Stanford Graduate School of Business. Read more about his journey with humour here.

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