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One day left to join us!

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Full Stack Modeller // One day left to join us!

Our doors close again at midnight tomorrow UK time, and will remain closed until December.

You don't have to be a modelling Jedi to join us.  It's our job to make sure the force is strong within you by the time you leave.

Book // The dark side of valuation

Valuation is part of the Full Stack Modeller skill set. The Dark Side of Valuation by Aswath Damodaran, Professor of Finance at the Stern School of Business provides really useful real-world examples with valuation options and solutions for almost every scenario. He highlights the valuation challenges facing the analyst, examines the "Dark Side" or what is often the easy way or the most practiced way to address the challenges. He then shows the "Light Side", or what is the best way, which may or may not be easier. He always explains the implication of each method. Highly recommended. 

Article // The 4 stages of learning

There are 4 stages to learning any new skill. 

Knowing which stage you are at can help to calibrate your expectations of yourself, or other people whose skills development you're responsible for. This article by Full Stack Founder Kenny Whitelaw-Jones walks you through the 4 stages.  

Article // Autocorrect errors in Excel still creating genomics headache

We picked up on a related story many months ago, but it seems that Excel's autocorrect feature is still causing havoc for geneticists.

Who knew that MARCH1 was the correct abbreviation of a gene's full name? (clearly geneticists knew... and Excel still doesn't). Read more.

Video // Power Query with Oz Du Soleil

You're working with one hand tied behind your back if you're doing anything with data and you're not all over Power Query.

Oz de Soleil is a faculty member at Full Stack modeller. His videos are both useful and entertaining, a rare feat in the world of Excel. Check out this video from his You Tube channel Excel on Fire. Everyone should know Power Query.  Everyone should follow Oz.

Article // Microsoft share price, and Office product prices, increase

Microsoft shares hit record levels this last week as the market reacted positively to news that many Office products will be increasing in price in the near future.

Commercial subscriptions to Office 365 represented about 18% of Microsoft's revenue in the fiscal year ending 30th June.  Premium Office 365 subscriptions are expected to increase in price by around 9% per user from March 2022.

Accounting // Private companies struggling with lease accounting changes

Last month the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) issued a lease accounting standards update, with more changes expected further down the line.

Public companies have been required to recognise operating leases on the balance sheet since 2019, but private companies following GAAP were given a two year extension.

In this article Michael Cohn, Editor In Chief of Accounting Today, explains why many private companies are still playing catch up.

Modeller's Miscellany Jobs

If you have a financial modelling related position you’d like us to include, please email

Featured Job 

Senior analyst : Chargé d’affaires / Chargé d’affaires senior Modélisation financière (H/F) - Deloitte Recrute - 

Junior analyst : Chargé d'affaires junior Modélisation Financière (H/F) - Deloitte Recrute

Intern: Stagiaire Modélisation Financière (H/F) - Deloitte Recrute

(All Deloitte jobs are based in France, Paris La Défense)

​Senior, Business Modelling - Valuation, Modelling and Economics ​- EY-  Canada, Montréal

Corporate Finance Associate - Transurban - Virginia, McLean

Valuation, Modeling and Economics -  EY  - Bangkok, Bangkok City, Thailand

Entry Level Transaction Analyst -  British Business Bank - United Kingdom, Remote

New Associate-Investment Reporting - Accenture in India - India, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Financial Modeller - Kingston Stanley - United Arab Emirates, Dubai

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