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The burnout epidemic

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Book & webinar // The burnout epidemic

Burnout is a continuing problem in the finance profession and one which many modellers experience. Transactions are demanding, and when the model is at the heart of the deal, it can be hard to avoid long hours and weekend working. 

In her new book, The Burnout Epidemic, workplace expert Jennifer Moss challenges current corporate approaches to burnout. She argues that existing wellness strategies can help, but that meditation apps and fitness challenges don’t get to the root of the issue. What's more, emphasizing individual self-care unfairly blames the victim.

Jennifer is hosting a webinar on September 20th to discuss burnout and what leaders can do to combat it. Register here.

Skills // How to be insanely well-connected

As modellers & analysts we'd often like to think that just being technically good at our jobs should be enough to get ahead. It isn't. This article presents 7 really useful techniques to build your network. Many people in senior positions will tell you that the key to their success is not technical ability - it's their relationships. Read more.

Training // FMI mock exam

If you're planning on sitting the FMI exam in the next round, check out Danielle's mock exam event. You can take a live, online mock exam under simulated proctored virtual exam conditions, and you’ll receive individualised feedback on your performance. Find out more.

Reading // 4 ways to read a book

Bet you didn't know there were 4 different ways to read a book. This article outlines them. Each reading level serves a different purpose, so it’s helpful to ask yourself before reading, “What do I want out of this book or article?” and apply the most useful approach from there. Read more.

Work // 4 tips for resetting boundaries when returning to the office

The pandemic has changed the way many finance professionals work, for better and worse. As some people transition back to the office, now could be the perfect time to reset your boundaries and achieve your ideal work/life balance. Read more.

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Strategy Associate - JP Morgan -  United Kingdom, London

Associate  - S&P Global Ratings -  France, Paris

Venture Capital (Associate) Internship - Varys Capital - Thailand, Bangkok

Financial Modelling Analyst - KPMG Australia - Australia, Brisbane

Private Equity Marketing Specialist - EY - United States, Boston

Investment Team Analyst - Phatisa - South Africa, Johannesburg

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