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Tools for better thinking

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Resources // Tools for better thinking

Tools for better thinking is a collection of thinking tools to help you solve problems and make decisions. The site does a great job of breaking these frameworks down with an outline and visuals. If you don't know where to start, there is a helpful series of prompt questions on how to choose the best thinking tool

Article // What Spotify playlists reveal about financial markets

Imagine if there was a way to measure the overall mood of a country and relate that to the behaviour of financial markets? In the age of Spotify, this has become a real possibility. This research, published in the Journal of Financial Economics, uses the music people listen to to measure national sentiment affecting market behaviour. The study indicates that music sentiment is positively correlated with same-week equity market returns, negatively correlated with next-week returns and is negatively associated with government bond returns, consistent with a flight to safety. Read a summary.

Book // Exponential

The Exponential Age is a new book by Azeem Azhar. It captures some critical aspects of the period of rapid change we live in, explaining what is going on, why it matters, and what we can do about it.

Azeem is the creator of Exponential View, a useful platform for understanding the impact of technology on society. Also, check out his weekly newsletter and Harvard Business Review podcast.

Skills // How to introduce people

Our friend Hjalmar Gislason, founder of spreadsheet visualisation tool Grid, has written this guide on introducing people by email. As he says, "being the one to make a meaningful introduction is usually valued, respected and remembered by the people you connect." Read more and follow Hjalmar on Twitter.

Article // Myers-Briggs is meaningless

About 2 million people per year take the Myers-Briggs personality type test. The company that produces and markets the test makes around $20m off it each year. The problem, according to this article, is that it provides inconsistent, untestable results that have no predictive power. Read more.

Modeller's Miscellany Jobs

If you have a financial modelling related position you’d like us to include, please email

Finance Analyst - ClearBridge Investments -  United States, New York

Account Coordinator  - EY -  Canada, Toronto

Equity Research Analyst - Citi - South Africa, Johannesburg

Corporate & Business Strategy Associate - PWC - Australia, Melbourne

Healthcare Financial Modelling - PA Consulting - United Kingdom, Victoria

Financial Modelling Executive - EY - Scotland, Edinburgh

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