The Modeller's Miscellany - #82

The failure of risk management- why it’s broken and how to fix it.

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Book // The failure of risk management - why it's broken and how to fix it

Douglas Hubbard's view, as set out in this book, is that despite our high confidence, our intuitions about risk and probability are awful. Hubbard has for decades challenged the practices of corporate risk teams and the frameworks, standards, bodies, and consultancies that inform them.

Hubbard discusses why many of the risk management frameworks used are worse than useless, using examples from industry. This book contains multiple case studies to support his claim that corporate risk management methods are deeply flawed and that low-cost solutions are available, yet are ignored. Read more.

Excel // 5 new features

Microsoft continues to ship new Excel features. This video by Mynda Treacy highlights 5 new recently added features: Unhiding multiple worksheets, smooth scrolling, Workbook statistics, changes to the navigation pane, and the ability to resize the conditional formatting dialog. Mynda has over 350,000 YouTube subscribers. We'd highly recommend you follow her. Watch here.

Analysis // 5 elements driving global inflation 

Soaring gas prices, staff shortages, a lack of ships — price pressures globally may be picking up faster than anticipated, challenging the view that inflation will prove transitory. Central bankers are starting to concede that high inflation may be with us for longer than expected. Read more.

Tech // 1Password introduces masked email

Data breaches are becoming an almost daily occurrence. Using the same email address with every service you use increases your risk if your data is leaked. 1Password has just launched an integrated masked email service allowing you to generate unique email addresses for every sign-up. Read this article and check out 1Password here.

P.S. - If you're not already using a password manager app, you need to be.

Article // Two mistakes around competition

Sometimes we assume that our competitors are far smarter than we are, better informed and harder working. And sometimes we assume that they’re clueless, lazy and hapless. Neither is true. Read more.

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Senior Manager - Gridlines - India, New Delhi 

Senior Analyst - Gridlines - India, New Delhi

Analyst intern - Spencer Stewart - United States, New York

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Financial Management Associate - EY  - Canada, Ottawa

Investment Analyst Intern - Macquarie Group - France, Paris

Consultant - Deloitte - Thailand, Bangkok

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