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The 500th function

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Excel // The 500th function

Microsoft has just announced the release of seven new LAMBDA-associated functions, including the landmark 500th Excel function. This article by Liam Bastick gives you the rundown on what's new.

Well-being // Overwhelmed? Take an audit of your brain's real estate

My to-do list never gets cleared. My decision-making each day is as much about what I'm going to leave undone as what I'm going to do. This article gives a useful technique for organising your thinking around your priorities. "There are things you have to do, things you want to do, and things you need to do. But you don’t have to do them all, all of the time, all at once." Read more.

Work // Improve meeting feedback with Dot Collector

Ray Dalio does a lot of very cool things. He has just launched Dot Collector, as a Zoom app. Dot collector allows everyone in a meeting to share their perspective through real-time feedback and polling. Now that Zoom has further developed its app marketplace we expect to see more meeting productivity apps. Watch Ray's TED talk on radical transparency and check out the Zoom app.

Tech // New reporting power using Power BI, Cube Formulas, Office Scripts, and Power Automate

Now that Excel reports connected to Power BI datasets work in Excel Online it opens up a lot of new possibilities for doing cool things with Office Scripts and Power Automate. This article gives some good ideas.

Podcast // 13 minutes to the moon

This podcast has nothing at all to do with modelling. But it's brilliant. Especially if you're a bit of a space geek. Produced by the BBC World Service, it's long-form audio storytelling at its best.

I've been devouring season one this week and can't wait to start on season two. Kenny.

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