Webinar recording: Financial Modelling Standards

January 20th 2020

Thanks to everybody who attended the webinar on Financial Modelling Standards. It was a great session thanks to our expert panel - Danielle, Rickard, Andrew and David. You can watch the recording below.

We have a list of useful resources from each of our participants below. In particular, we’d like to draw your attention to Danielle’s excellent Financial Modelling Meet up series - including her new Women in Financial Modelling Group.

We'll be publising the results of the 2021 Global Financial Modelling Survey in a few weeks’ time.

Thanks again for your support and for the excellent interaction during the webinar - we plan to keep this conversation going in the future!

Useful resources

Full Stack Modeller:

FAST (Andrew):

FAST Standard in practice:

ICAEW (David):

Mazars (Rickard):

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