What's going on inside Full Stack Modeller

The Full Stack community is buzzing. As we get ready to welcome our second cohort of members, we thought we’d give you a peek behind the curtain on what’s happening here.

Since we launched, every week has seen fresh insights, collaboration and sharing of ideas. Full Stack is more than a course. It’s a global network of modellers from established experts to new faces in the field - and everyone is learning.

Competitions and collaboration

The Full Stack community has been cheering one another on through our first monthly data visualisation and modelling challenges. Then it was down to everyone to vote for the best solutions. Congratulations to Chris Trew and Areeba Ajanee for winning our first ever challenge!

We haven’t only rallied around each other in competitions, but in real modelling challenges too. One of our members was recently promoted to take the lead in an FP&A team. But the spreadsheet he was handed was big, clunky, and he wasn’t sure whether to use it or to build something from scratch.

So he asked the Full Stack community. After a little back and forth discussion on the platform, we set up a live brainstorming session so we could get everyone’s minds on it. A couple of excellent modelling solutions were proposed and by the end of the session he had a clear plan of action.

An unexpected event

That support base extends beyond our members too. One of the modellers in our community asked about modelling standards - their pros and cons, and how different organisations use them. Instead of writing out a reply, we wanted to dive deeper into the question.

So we set up a pretty groundbreaking public event. Some of the biggest names in the industry came along to debate the issue of modelling standards:

  • Danielle Stein Fairhurst from Plum Solutions
  • Andrew Berkely from FAST
  • Rickard Warnelid from Mazars
  • David Lyford-Smith from ICAEW

Almost 1,000 people turned out (virtually) for the occasion. We had some fantastic contributions from the chat and Q&A, which, combined with such a high calibre of insight from the panelists, made for a fascinating (and quite passionate!) debate.

Look who’s calling

That wasn’t the only time notable guests came to the Full Stack table. Danielle joined us again to deliver live training on building dashboards in Excel, drawing on her experience of providing financial analysis for telecoms, manufacturing and financial services.

Then, after spotting a post on our community board about Jon Moon’s best selling book, Clarity and Impact, we got in touch with Jon and asked him to come along. So he’s now booked in for April to deliver training based on his decades of experience as a consultant, CFO and long-time teacher of how modellers can make an impact.

Enrollment for our next cohort opens next week.

To make it easier for people to be a part of Full Stack, we’ve just introduced a monthly payment plan option. So now you can choose between paying $1,800 upfront or $180 a month on a 12 month contract. There’s also group booking discounts, so spread the word to get the best deal you can.

If you want to be part of the next intake of Full Stack members, you’re going to have to resist the urge to blink. Enrollment is open for one week only: from 15th February till midnight on 19th February.

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