The Fundamentals of Three Statement Financial Modelling


Live Masterclass

The Fundamentals of Three Statement Financial Modelling

with Toby Tucker

This is a CPD accredited Masterclass. The three core financial statements are key to understanding any business’ financial performance and position. This class will introduce the key underlying concepts behind the creation of these statements. It will also look at the most common challenges modellers face when building three statement models.

What will you learn?

  • How the three financial statements work and are integrated with the use of corkscrews for modelling balances, together with the use of key types of flags.
  • How to model some of the more ‘challenging’ areas of financial statements such as ongoing capital expenditure and its depreciation, working capital, debt sculpting and sizing, as well as the use of cash sweeps through the use of a revolving credit facility.
  • We will round off by looking at how to aggregate models built on a monthly basis to simply produce financial statements on an extended quarterly, semi, or annual basis.
  • Open Q&A session to answer any specific questions delegates would like to see answered.

Who is it for?

This masterclass is for anyone who regularly has to build or model financial statements for any type of business.

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