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The Modeller’s Miscellany #109

“Failure is just another way to learn how to do something right.”

– Marian Wright Edelman


The risks and opportunities of artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are subjects that are often talked about but not always well understood. Brian Christian’s book ‘The Alignment Problem – Machine Learning and Human Values explores the ethical and potentially existential risks that occur when the systems we attempt to teach do not, in the end, do what we want or what we expect. It’s well written, well researched and brings some much needed understanding to the topic.

Modelling Company News

Natalie Bayfield steps down

Natalie Bayfield has announced that she’s stepping down as Chairwoman of Bayfield Training. Control of the business has passed to CEO Sonia Martin-Gutierrez and Commercial Director Jacob Noble. In this article, she reflects on how she got started 25 years ago and her journey to this point, with a particular focus on mental health. An important and deeply personal article. Good luck with this next chapter to Natalie and the Bayfield team.


Does the long-run future matter more than anything else?

The research team of the non-profit “80,000 Hours” focuses on the question of what you can do with your career to make the world a better place. In this episode of the 80,000 Hours podcast, Oxford philosopher Toby Ord makes the case for why the welfare of future generations should be our number one moral concern.


Stablecoins aren’t stable – why crypto is crashing

Stablecoins are seen as a safe store of cash without having to interact with the traditional financial system. Holding a stablecoin allows crypto traders to both hold their money entirely on blockchains without being subject to market fluctuation. Stablecoins are tokens pegged to the value of a government-backed currency such as the US dollar or commodities such as silver or gold. This article explains what caused TerraUSD, the third-largest stablecoin by market capitalisation to crash last week, and what it means for the crypto space.

Modeller’s Miscellany Jobs

If you have a financial modelling related position you’d like us to include, please email om.

EMP Consultant – Lionpoint Group – London, UK (Hybrid)

Graduate Finance Analyst – Birmingham International Airport – Birmingham, UK
Junior Financial Analyst – Ecolab – Cracow, Poland
Financial Analyst – 6H Agency – Cologne, Germany (Hybrid)
Finance Analyst – Wella Company – New South Wales, Australia
Financial System Analyst – Media Brands – New York, USA (On Site)

And finally…

Elon was buying Twitter. Now he maybe / probably / possibly isn’t.

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