The Modeller’s Miscellany #122

"People are very good at forecasting the future, except for the surprises which tend to be all that matter"

Morgan Housel


Are you a guppy fish or a shark?

In this article, Morgan Housel compares the lives of the guppy fish and the Greenland shark. Birds eat guppies. Small fish eat guppies. Big fish eat guppies. Crabs eat guppies. It's everyone's favourite lunch. The Greenland shark, on the other hand, has no natural predator. It rules its habitat like a dictator. How each creature has evolved to deal with the risks it faces has something valuable to teach us about forecasting. Read more.

Free course

18 days to better data visualisation

Over the past few years, we have featured many articles about data visualisation in the Miscellany. We've now gone one step further and published a free introductory course. In a few minutes per day, over 18 days, we'll walk you through some core concepts to help you improve how you present your data. Sign up here.

Financial Modelling Awards

24 hours to go

Nominations for this years Financial Modelling Awards close in 24 hours.

Everybody who submits a nomination will be entered into a draw to win free tickets to the Financial Modelling Summit. The winner of the free tickets will be announced on by the Financial Modelling Summit on LinkedIn.

Submit your nomination.


The evolution of professional services

Ray D'Cruz is the CEO of Performance Leader, a consulting and software business focused on improving the performance of professional services firms. In this podcast, he discusses how performance reviews must evolve to create better results for partners, staff and clients. Listen here.

Modeller’s Miscellany Jobs

If you have a financial modelling related position you’d like us to include, please email om.

Valuations Associate - Revantage - London, UK (Hybrid) 
Corporate Finance Assistant Manager - Beacon Rail Leasing - London, UK


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