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The Modeller’s Miscellany #124

"Do hard things, have an easy life. Do easy things, have a hard life"



Am I normal?

In this podcast, Mona Chalabi, a data editor for the Guardian, demonstrates that working with numbers is rarely dull. She digs into data to find answers to everyday questions. She has an impressive ability to put numbers into perspective without losing sight of the humans behind them. Each episode makes the listener ask what “normal” really means.


How to use the IFS function

Excel's IFS function was introduced in 2016. It replaces the need to write multiple nested IF statements, replacing them with multiple IF/THEN pairs in a single function. Myles Arnott unpacks how to use it in this article.


The future of floating offshore wind

Floating wind-turbines are being developed that can be used in deep water, and do not need to be permanently fixed in place. On October 18th at 2pm CET, Project Finance Institute is hosting a free webinar with Jon Salazar of Gazelle Wind Power, looking at the rapid growth of this technology. He will be discussing how next-generation hybrid floating platforms surmount the current barriers of buoyancy, stability, and geographic limitations, without impacting fragile marine environments.


Where are all the flights from Moscow going?

After Vladimir Putin announced a mobilization of reservists for Russia’s war in Ukraine, prices for international flights departing Russia skyrocketed and nearly every flight leaving Moscow or St. Petersburg sold out. But with airspace restrictions in place and a decrease in international flight options for Russian travellers since February, where are these flights going? This blog from Flightradar24 explores the data.

Modeller’s Miscellany Jobs

If you have a financial modelling related position you’d like us to include, please email om.

Financial Analyst - Griffin Resources - Tampa, FL, USA (Hybrid)
Senior Business Analyst - Wellfit - Irving, TX, USA (Hybrid)
Finance Analyst - B&Q - Southampton, England (On Site)
Finance Analyst - Sainsbury's Bank - Edinburgh, Scotland 
Junior Finance Analyst - JLL - Warsaw, Poland (On Site)
Finance Analyst - BDO Eaton Square - Dublin, Ireland (Hybrid)
Financial Analyst - Diageo - Bundaberg, Australia (On Site)
Analyst, Banking & Financial Services - NSW Treasury - Sydney, Australia (Hybrid)

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