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The Modeller’s Miscellany #127

"We're trying to build a star on earth

Tony Donne, Eurofusion


The future of nuclear fusion

Stand back. Shameless self-promotion approaching. The Project, a podcast I present for the Project Finance Institute, is back for a second season. In the first episode, I'm talking to Tony Donne of Eurofusion about the future of nuclear fusion. Thankfully, for me, we avoid getting too bogged down in the physics and focus on the impact that nuclear fusion will have on the world. Listen on SpotifyAppleGoogle or wherever you get your podcasts.


Weaker social ties are better for finding jobs

LinkedIn ran social experiments on 20 Million users over five years. A study that looked back at the data from those experiments found that relatively weak social connections were more helpful in finding jobs than stronger social ties. The study, published in Science, tested an influential theory in sociology called "the strength of weak ties," which maintains that people are more likely to gain employment and other opportunities through arms-length acquaintances than through close friends. Read more.


Find the cheapest flight deals

I recently came across Jack's Flight Club. They search the internet to find the cheapest flight deals and email them to members every few days. There's a free or premium level. Premium gets you more offers and earlier notification of deals. So far the emails are mostly just fuelling my travel FOMO. But the deals are excellent.


Building trust takes trust

In this short article, Ami Vora, Head of Product at WhatsApp, shares a quick leadership hack to help you build trust. She has found that to build trust with colleagues quickly, it helps to behave the way you would with someone you already trust. She says, "It's much easier to reciprocate a trusting relationship than it is to initiate it. So if I'm willing to take the first step and be vulnerable, I've found my new work connections turn into high-fidelity relationships much faster." Read more.


Spreadsheet Day

Don't forget  . . . tomorrow is World Spreadsheet Day. I'll be celebrating by looking at some spreadsheets. Although that's true most days, to be fair.

Modeller’s Miscellany Jobs

If you have a financial modelling related position you’d like us to include, please email om.

Project Finance Analyst - Emrgy - Georgia, USA (Remote)
Project Development Analyst - Emrgy - Georgia, USA (Remote)

FP&A Analyst - NPSG Europe - UK (Remote)
Senior Commercial Finance Analyst - Onfido - UK (Remote)
Analyst - Pure Harvest Smart Farms - Dubai, UAE (Remote)
Financial Analyst - NSW Police Force - Sydney, Australia (On Site)
Senior Financial Analyst - Gale Pacific Ltd - Melbourne, Australia (Hybrid)
Financial and Operations Analyst - Paradigm Capital - Toronto, Canada (On Site)
Senior Data Analyst - Argyle - Lithuania (Remote)

And finally…

Can British Prime Minister Liz Truss survive longer than a supermarket lettuce? A tabloid "newspaper" has set up a live feed to find out.



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