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The Modeller’s Miscellany #129

"Success in dealing with people depends on a sympathetic grasp of the other person’s viewpoint."

- Dale Carnegie


Halloween Spreadsheet Nightmares

Myles, co-founder of Full Stack Modeller, and lead of our Modelling Tech community has written a guide to his top five modelling errors and how they could have been avoided. Blood curdling.


How to cut your water usage in half

I'm always on the look out for simple, disruptive innovations that have the power to change the world. I think this gadget might be one. Hydraloop is a device that collects and cleans "greywater". Greywater is the lightly contaminated kind that comes from showers, baths and washing machines. Hyrdraloop stores and cleans the water making “household water”, suitable for flushing loos, irrigation and feeding back into washing machines. So simple. So clever. Read about it in this FT article (no paywall).


How to win friends & influence people

Many of us would like to believe that we can rely on data to make our case and influence people. And yet the data itself is only a fraction of what it takes to make the data effective. As this article from the School of Life points out, Dale Carnegie's classic book "How to win friends and influence people", while easy to ridicule, contains exactly the kind of simple, practical advice we need to build relationships and influence. It's worth revisiting and rereading, especially if, like me, you think you don't need to.


It's not prioritisation until it hurts

I'm constantly trying to do too many things; pursue too many ideas all at once. It can be dysfunctional. This article therefore really spoke to me; prioritisation is not just about cutting out unnecessary work; it's also about cutting out valuable activities so that we can double down on the even bigger goals. Fits very nicely with the key message from 4,000 weeks, the book I mentioned a few weeks ago; we're only ever going to be able to do and experience a fraction of what we would like to. It's all about choosing.

Modeller’s Miscellany Jobs

If you have a financial modelling related position you’d like us to include, please email om.

Senior FP&A Analyst - Meyer Burger - Germany (Remote - must speak German)

Senior Analyst - Go1 - Brisbane, Australia (Remote)
Director of FP&A - EngagedMD - USA (Remote)
Senior Financial Analyst - The Walt Disney Company - Florida, USA (Hybrid)
Financial Analyst - The Home Depot - Atlanta, GA, USA (On Site)
Commercial Finance Analyst - Sabio - London, England (Remote)
FP&A Analyst - 10x Banking - London, England (Remote)
Finance Analyst - Britvic plc. - Solihull, England (Hybrid)
Senior Data Analyst - Growth Shop - Bucharest, Romania (Remote)

And finally…

The lettuce is now an NFT. What a time to be alive.

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