The Modeller’s Miscellany #131

"It's true that in order to be successful at something, you have to stick to it — but that doesn't necessarily mean that sticking to something makes you successful."

- Annie Duke

Data Vis

How Florence Nightingale changed data visualisation forever

In the 1850s Florence Nightingale witnessed thousands of soldiers die in agony due to filthy conditions. At the time, many in government accepted this as inevitable and wrongly believed that communicable diseases were caused by unavoidable realities—the weather, bad diet, and harsh work conditions. She set about convincing them otherwise. Her tactic? To convey statistics in an exciting way. Read more in this excellent article from Scientific American.


Why is it so hard to quit? The cognitive hurdles standing in our way

Annie Duke is a former poker champion whose book Thinking in Bets I featured on the Miscellany some time back. (And still recommend reading if you haven't - it changed how we talk about decisions in my company). Her new book is on quitting. This interview gives a great summary of the ideas in the book.

When we look at success stories that were a long time in the making, there’s a temptation to say sticking to it is just good — full stop. But the problem is that the grit that allows us to power through will also get us to stick to things that aren’t worthwhile,” says Duke. “Success comes from sticking to the stuff that’s working and quitting the rest. That’s why quitting is a skill you need to get good at.

Full Stack Modeller

Virtual Open Week 28th Nov - 4th Dec

The next Full Stack Modeller open week starts on Monday 28th November. You'll get 7 days of free access to the Full Stack community, including a selection of award-winning training modules. Register here. Attendees will also be offered an exclusive discount to join as a member.


Transgender Awareness in the workplace

This week is Transgender Awareness week. Line Manager Academy has teamed up with Rebecca Kinroy-Taylor, independent mediator and mental health specialist, to host a masterclass. It is designed to help educate UK based employees and employers on the laws, rights and support systems for Transgender people in the workplace. As the mother of a Transgender child, Becky has a lived experience of the issues facing Transgender people. The masterclass runs every day next week. Book your spot here.

Modeller’s Miscellany Jobs

If you have a financial modelling related position you’d like us to include, please email om.

FP&A Specialist - Zachary Daniels - London, England (Remote) 
Financial Systems Analyst - JBT Corporation - UK (Remote)
Senior Financial Analyst - Zoom - New Jersey, USA (Remote)
Financial Analyst - Google - New York, USA (On Site)
Financial Analyst - Honda - Marysville, OH, USA (Hybrid)
Senior Finance Analyst - TPG Telecom - Sydney, Australia (Hybrid)
Senior Analyst, Strategic Finance - Go1 - Australia (Remote)
Lead Financial Analyst - Johnson & Johnson - Ireland (Remote)
Junior Financial Analyst - Corza Medical - Poland (Remote)

And finally…

This is way more true for my life than I'd like.



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