The Modeller’s Miscellany #134

“The person who makes no mistakes does not usually make anything” 

- Edward John Phelps

Global Financial Modelling Survey 2022

The Financial Modelling Survey is back. Every year we look at how the modelling world is progressing to better understand what it’s actually like to be a financial modeller. If you’re feeling extra helpful, please help us expand the reach of the survey by sharing with your finance colleagues. The survey will be open for submissions until December 31st. We will publish the results in the new year and share with everyone who takes part.


The end of the search engine?

Tech enthusiasts have been losing their minds about OpenAI's latest launch, ChatGPT, an AI you can interact with in a conversational way. It can write essays, debug code, solve math problems, and more. Teachers say that it's the end of take-home exams. Others say that it's the end of search engines. This reviewer found that while it can be shockingly accurate in its answers, it can also be loudly and confidently wrong. 

It got me thinking again about how artificial intelligence is going to change financial modelling. But as usual Taylor Davidson was one step ahead of me

Modelling Tech


The “spreadsheet tech” space continues to expand. Airrange is a recent addition that was the subject of much discussion in the Full Stack community this week. It’s a no-code front end for Excel that allows you to turn your spreadsheets into multi-user collaborative apps. With full control over which parts of the spreadsheet you share and detailed change tracking, it looks like a really useful addition to the modelling tech stack.  


How to give better gifts

I love that with everything we do in life, somebody has thought about how to do it better. This article contains a useful framework for improving your gift-giving. It centres round three questions: “Can I introduce someone to something they might not otherwise know about? Can I get them a nicer version of something than they would buy for themselves? Or can I make them feel seen?” If you can check one of those three boxes, you’ve probably got a good present on your hands.

Modeller’s Miscellany Jobs

If you have a financial modelling related position you’d like us to include, please email om.

Finance and Strategy Manager (Modelling) - Revolut - Poland, Portugal, Romania or Spain (Remote)

Finance Analyst - PPD - Sofia, Bulgaria (Remote)
Junior Financial Analyst - Corza Medical - Poland (Remote)
Corporate Finance Analyst - Port of Newcastle - Newcastle, Australia (Hybrid)
Research Finance Analyst - UNSW - Sydney, Australia (On Site)
Modeler - Discover Financial Services - Riverwoods, IL, USA (Remote)
Cash Flow Financial Modeler - Access Global Group - USA (Remote)
Investment Analyst - Village Capital - United Arab Emirates (Remote)
Senior Financial Planning Analyst - The Ardonagh Group - UK (Remote)
Senior Financial Analyst - Worldwide Clinical Trials - Nottingham, UK (Remote)

And finally…

With temperatures plummeting across the UK, Scotland’s fleet of salt spreading trucks is back on the road. They have brilliantly funny names.

Spreddie Mercury, Spreddie Van Halen, Lord Coldemort, Gritallica and Spread Sheeran are among my favourites. 

You can track them online.


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