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The Modeller’s Miscellany #83

Full Stack Modeller open week – you’re invited!


Full Stack Modeller open week – you’re invited

Full Stack Modeller is based on a simple idea.

  1. – Gather the world’s best instructors in data analytics, financial modelling & data visualisation.
  2. – Create a vibrant community of finance professionals who are ready to help each other do their best work.
  3. – Let the magic happen.

From October 25th to 29th we’re throwing the doors open to show you what that looks like in practice. You can sample the training material, check out the community and join our live events. There’s no obligation to join but you might find that it’s the Excel modelling community you’ve been looking for. Find out more here.



The Excel tech space continues to expand. Layer is a new “Excel enhancement” app designed to streamline data entry, control, and collaboration. Check it out here.


How to prevent burnout

Finance professionals are at high risk of burnout. That means you. Burnout is debilitating for sufferers and has a high business cost. But there are ways to prevent it. Read more.


What to do with contrarians

Generally, organisations don’t know what to do with contrarians – employees whose ideas or mindsets don’t fit the mold. On the one hand, giving contrarians too much credence or authority strikes most leaders as a risky move. At the same time, smart leaders are aware that genius often looks like weirdness to ordinary souls. Being out of step could be a sign of a superstar. Read more.


Openbox completes public beta & fund raise

After a 3 month public beta with over 500 users, the financial modelling app Openbox is releasing Version 1 in early November. Openbox has also completed a funding round exclusively with beta users. Openbox founder Iain Morrow has written about how the product has changed during the beta and what’s next. Read more.

Modeller’s Miscellany Jobs

If you have a financial modelling related position you would like us to include, please email

Featured jobs:

Financial Modeller – Plum Solutions – Sydney, AUS / Remote

Senior Manager – Gridlines – New Delhi, India

Senior Analyst – Gridlines – New Delhi, India


Junior Quantitative Trading Analyst – DRW – London, UK

Research Analyst – Mintel – Dusseldorf, Germany

M&A Specialist – Pirelli – Milan, Italy

Finance Operational Analyst – Planet – Galway, Ireland

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