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Our promise is to transform your modelling skill set
But don’t take our word for it...

  • "To anyone considering joining the Full Stack community, I can’t recommend it highly enough. Throw yourself at it; not just into the courses, but into the community as well because that’s what really differentiates Full Stack from other training courses."
    David, England
  • "The reason I joined FSM is because of Giles, Myles and Kenny. I’ve been following their work for many years and they’re amazing. They’re all really accessible and friendly guys."
    Areeba, Canada
  • "In every single aspect of the 3 levels - Excel Mastery, Advanced Financial Modelling, and the Tech Stack - there is so much that I don’t know, and there really is nothing I want to miss out on... It’s more of a tribe than a learning course. It really is the full package."
    Wikus, South Africa
  • “I initially saw the investment in joining Full Stack Modeller as a formalisation of my existing knowledge but it’s turned out to be so much more. Excel is an amazingly flexible tool for business and the recent advances in its capabilities I’ve learned about in this first section of my journey have blown my head up 🤯and enthused me 🕺🏼in equal proportion."
    Doug, England
  • “When I began the FSM course, my goals were learning a structured approach to modelling and to learn Power BI. My aspirations have been thoroughly exceeded with the wide variety of material on the FSM site with my skills and knowledge having a significant step change upwards.”
    David, Prague
  • "So impressed with Full Stack. Such a well structured training course with expert advice and guidance from the likes of Myles & Giles. I thoroughly enjoyed all the sessions and with them being offered at multiple times as well as recordings it is easy to fit it around my hectic work schedule. Would highly recommend to anyone across all skill levels looking to improve their Excel, reporting and modelling knowledge."
    Paul, New York
  • "I really like the platform and training content. To be honest I’ve not had much time to get involved in the live events or community as much as others, but I watch as many recordings of the sessions as I can, and I’ve been working my way through the accreditation programme slowly. No complaints - happy to be a part of it all and feel like there is so much more I can learn. Big thumbs up from me!"
    Pix, England
  • "It’s difficult to explain in a few words just how great this course is. From basic Excel to Power Query and three statement financial models plus a support network to tap into for ad hoc problems, there is so much content to choose from!"
    Kate, England
  • "The course content is well structured and easy to follow. I also enjoy the regular expert webinars outside of modelling for developing other aspects of my career."
    Lorraine, England
  • "FSM is hands-down the best financial modelling course, I have attended. The knowledge that is provided in this program is brilliant. The way I like put it is: FSM is the LinkedIn for Financial Modellers & the program should be ideally called Masters in Financial Modelling."
    Karan, India


150 hours of CPD accredited, self-paced training. Live events taking place almost every week of the year. An active, supportive community of professional modellers from all over the world.

There is nothing else out there like Full Stack.  If you struggle with a modelling challenge at work, you don't have to spend hours googling your way through public forums.  You share your challenge with our community, and the support comes straight to you.