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Introducing Brixx

May 15, 2024 5:37:23 PM

Here at Full Stack Modeller we are passionate about modelling and about awesome tech.

Brixx covers both of these bases - it is awesome modelling tech!

What is Brixx?

Brixx is an online financial modelling platform that makes 3 statement modelling surprisingly easy.

It works in a modular style format where you can build up the structure of your Profit and Loss statement very simply by creating revenue and cost blocks through a very easy to use user interface.

No formulae, no need to worry about making a mistake with your links, and no need to worry that you balance sheet won't balance - it will!

You can add in revenue, direct costs (which can be linked to revenue), staffing, overheads, capex, financing - all with just the click of a button or two.

What really struck me when I first used Brixx was that I wasn't thinking about the modelling, I was just thinking of the business logic that I was trying to build into the model.

The real magic happens when you move from the Profit & Loss to the Balance Sheet and Cashflow Statements. All the work is already done for you.

Debtor and supplier days feed the sales through into the balance sheet and cashflow seemlessly.

VAT is handled automatically, as is employee taxes and pensions.

Capex and financing are all flowed through.

It almost feels like cheating!



What is the reporting like?

The reporting is very good. The three reports are clearly presented with nice drilldowns available to dig right through into the detail.

You can switch between monthly, quarterly and annual views simply by selecting the option from a dropdown.

It is also very easy to export your numbers in a range of formats.

Brixx report


Who is Brixx appropriate for?

Brixx is a great option for any business looking to build a business case or budget.

The user interface means that you don't need to be an advanced financial modeller to model out your business, it's designed for anyone to pick up and use. I would always recommend that you have someone with finance and financial modelling to support you though - but then I would say that!

The team at Brixx have purposely designed the logic in the software to be simple. They considered the level of complexity to allow users to build in and (rightly in my opinion) chose to keep it very straightforward. Revenue is either a direct number or quantity x price for example.

At first I found this a little restrictive but now love the fact that the three statement model is simple, clear and transparent. This is afterall what I expect from a financial model. I do appreciate however that this is the one area where some modellers would find the level of detail too simple for them.


How I use Brixx

I use Brixx regularly for two companies that I support in the capacity of Fractional Finance Director.

I used a five year Brixx model to support a significant investment raise and use it regularly for budgeting and reforecasting.


Want to find out more?

If you would like to find out more about the Brixx financial modelling tool  then visit their website  where you can also start a free trial.


 We do not receive commission from any of the software companies mentioned above. If we recommend something, it's because we love it.


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