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Openbox announce Openbox AI

Jul 11, 2023 11:07:53 AM



"Sure, I can build your model in a couple of minutes"

Said no financial modeller, ever


Recently I shared my thoughts on the application of AI in the Financial Modelling space. Little did I know that as I was typing my article the incredible team at OpenBox were busy making my thoughts a reality.

Say hello to OPENBOXAI.


What is Openbox AI?

Openbox AI automates the model build process. You describe your project in plain English (or Spanish, or…) and then Openbox builds the Excel-based model for you, in minutes.

Today Iain Morrow, co-founder of Openbox, delivered a demonstration of Openbox AI to the Full Stack Modeller community.

It's pretty mind-blowing stuff.

As one member put it, it's a "Quantum step forward".

You simply tell Openbox AI what kind of model you would like, either by speaking to it or typing in the chat box. Leveraging ChatGPT, Openbox AI then interprets your requirements and suggests a model structure. You can refine the model structure by chatting with the Openbox AI chatbot. When you're ready, you simply ask it to build the model for you.

Openbox AI then triggers the Openbox modular build engine. A minute or so later you have your Excel-based financial model.

That's a full three statement financial model built in Excel to your requirements in minutes rather than days.

I'll never build a model from scratch again.


Not going to happen!

Maybe now I'll have time to learn how to play the guitar that's been sat in the corner of my room for the last 20 years.


Here is a demo of Openbox AI from the Openbox team:



How can I find out more about Openbox AI?


Openbox AI is currently in beta and will be released to a selection of users in the coming weeks.

If you would like to find out more about Openbox AI visit the Openbox site to keep up with Openbox AI news as it happens, or you can follow Iain on LinkedIn here: Iain Morrow.


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