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Formula Argument Assistance

Apr 3, 2023 3:18:00 PM

A handy new tool for making it easier to use Excel functions, and therefore reduce mistakes


Microsoft has recently released "Formula Arguement Assistance" into Excel for the web.

This helpul new feature pops up a formula reference card when you start to write a function:

Excel Formula Argument Assistance Card

As well as walking you thorugh the function syntax as you write a formula it also highlights the relevant argument when you are editing a formula:

Excel Argument Highlight


The card can be minimised back to just the core function syntax if you don't need assistance with the function.

[Images from Micosoft Tech Community post]

My thoughts

This feels like another great addition to Excel. Anything that can make the writing of formulae easier for Excel users, and thus reduce the risk of error, can only be a good thing.

Release date

The "Formula Arguement Assistance" feature is currently only available in Excel for the web. It will be added to Excel desktop versions.

See the full article from the Microsoft Tech Community here.

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