The Future of Excel

In this series of articles we will look at the future of Excel.

Our Future of Excel series

Don't worry this isn't another "is Excel dead?" article. At Full Stack we know the answer to that question: A resounding "no".

And that's not to say that we think Excel is always the right answer. On the contrary, I am constantly on the hunt for great tech to show to our members and looking for ways to lessen the inertia of moving from Excel to these solutions.

There is a good reason that Excel is the cornerstone of almost every finance team worldwide, and recent functionality releases have only cemented that position. Consider what has been added into Excel in the last ten years or so: PowerPivot, the Data Model, Excel Tables, Structured Referencing, PowerQuery, Dynamic arrays, XLOOKUP and most recently LAMBDA.

As part of Full Stack Modeller's mission to keep you up to date with trends in financial modelling and analytics our Future of Excel series will give you an overview of the new features soon to be released by Microsoft Excel.

So let's take a look at what is coming soon to Excel 365.


Importing data into Excel from a picture

Announced 21st July 2022

Frustrated by having to type data into Excel from a printed out or by the limited functionality for getting data from webpages? With this new feature you will soon be able to impoprt data into Excel from an image, be that a photo or a screen print of a website page.

See our article on importing data into Excel from a picture here


Add Sketchup files to your Excel workbook

Announced 9th June 2022

Microsoft have announced the ability to add Sketchup files to Excel. See our article on adding SketchUp files to your Excel workbook here.


New Text and Array Functions for Excel

Announced 16th March 2022

14 new powerful Excel Text and Array functions. See our article on the new text and array functions for Excel here.


LAMBDA goes live in Excel

Announced 8th February 2022

LAMBDA is being celebrated as the ultimate Excel function. See our article on LAMBDA here.

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