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What is Microsoft Garage?

Apr 17, 2020 4:36:00 PM

Find out about Microsoft Garage and how to get involved


Microsoft launched Microsoft Garage back in 2009.

The  original  idea behind Microsoft Garage was to let Microsoft employees come up with innovative ideas, turn these ideas into projects and work on them, even if the project wasn't directly related to their role.

Microsoft Garage - “doers, not talkers”

The key difference between Microsoft Garage and other initiatives, such as IdeaExchange is that Microsoft encouraged Garage participants to own the idea, create a project team and work on it directly rather than coming up with ideas or voting for a favourite.

Garage attracted the creative, the innovators, the learners - people who are curious and willing to take an idea forward.

The benefits in taking part are clear - there is so much that can be learnt and achieved in an such open, collaborative innovative environment. Whether the idea succeeds or fails. Most-often failure delivers the best lessons.


Microsoft Garage - Moving out from the shadows

In 2014 Microsoft brought Garage out into the light and launched their dedicated Garage web area.

They also expanded the program to engage outside just their employees.


How to get involved in the Garage program

If you would like to get involved then visit this page on the Garage website.

To learn more about the Microsoft Garage’s early-stage innovation lifecycle you can also email


My thoughts

What's not to love!

It is a great indication of both Microsoft's commitment to the continued investment in its products and services.


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